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Full-Service Brand Pack


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Package Details

What you get

:1 hour discovery session

Connect with your Creative Director via Zoom to run through your brief, discuss your product, audience, and go-to-market strategy, and ask questions.

:3 brand concepts presented

Your Creative Director will take the insights from your discovery session, then explore different directions. You'll get 3 concepts from which you choose the 1 you love.


Once you've signed off on the concept, your brand assets will be delivered to perfection.

The logo will be delivered in full-color and reverse, and we will provide the original editable vector files (usually an Adobe Illustrator file) and vector EPS files.

:Brand guide

We'll deliver a set of brand guidelines detailing the usage of your logo, fonts, colors, and visual element.Font selectionWe'll give you guidance on the font selection and structure, which will be included in your brand guide.

:Palette of 6 colors

Your color palette details will be included in your brand guide.Visual elementWe'll include a

:Visual element

in your final brand assets, i.e. a shape or graphic device which makes your brand even more unique. We'll include instructions on how to apply your visual element in the brand guide.

:15 working days

Once we've completed the discovery session, we can complete your branding in as little as 15 working days. The total time to deliver your brand package depends on how quickly you provide references and feedback.

:3 revisions

We'll aim to cover all your revisions in 3 rounds of feedback. Once a direction is chosen, revisions that are considered a change of concept will be treated as out of scope.

:5 calls with your Creative Director

.3 Calls Kickoff (Kickoffs, Concepts and Progress

2 Calls (On Boarding and Handover Calls

:Vector, printable & editable files

You'll receive the print, digital, web, and editable vector files (usually an Adobe Illustrator file), for which we'll transfer the full license - the copyright is yours.

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